5 Epic Instagram Hacks to Make Your Business Stand Out in 2023

Instagram is a great platform to interact with family and friends. If you want to get an inside look at the life of celebrities, your first place to visit is Instagram. From your favorite recipes to clothing and home decor, you can find anything and everything today with Instagram. It’s where the audience is, and it’s an excellent way to build your customer base. The app also has a great feature for businesses called Instagram Ads, which can help you reach more customers with targeted advertising campaigns. Additionally, the app allows users to create stories which is a great way to share news and updates with followers in an engaging format.

With so many features and benefits, you can now run awareness ads, display your desired products and even feature your followers. The platform is built in an interesting way allowing the app to easily shoot comments and send direct messages. However, one of the most powerful features of Instagram is the strategy and target audiences you can select for campaigns. Utilizing the right strategies and tools, businesses can achieve great results with their Instagram Ads campaigns.

What’s more, Instagram also has a feature to manage your business account professionally, where you can conduct analytics and monitor customer engagement levels.

So are you wondering what are the seven epic Instagram hacks to make your business stand out in 2023? Here are a few interesting Instagram hacks to make your profile standout.

Layering Photos on Videos

Did you know that combining images and videos in your Instagram Stories can help you create a more impactful and visually appealing post? This hack takes your Story from good to great.

For instance, if you’re selling a product and you want to post an image of a new product feature with a video background, here’s how you can easily do it.

  • Select a video from your gallery or you can simply record a new one.
  • Now open the sticker menu and go to the “Photo” option.
  • Choose the photo you want to add on top of your video and resize it based on your preference.

And that’s just about everything, you have now successfully layered a photo on top of a video.
This hack allows you to combine visuals and make your Stories more engaging. You can also add multiple photos and add gifs for added entertainment.

Using Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights can help you make better decisions and measure the success of your campaigns. It provides you with useful data and metrics such as post impressions, profile visits, reach, and engagement. Instagram insights can help you gain an edge on the overall trends across all your followers and give your content the performance it needs. You can also take a look at specific posts, videos, reels, and Live videos and see which of them are better performing and how people are engaging with each of them.

Instagram Insights can easily help you track profile visits and followers daily and measure the effectiveness of your content.

Optimizing Your Captions

Captions are one of the main areas from which you can drive more engagement. Captions should always be highly engaging, fun and creative to keep your followers interested. When writing captions, one must be well aware of the target audience, their needs and requirements.

Make sure to use relevant hashtags that can help increase user engagement as well as visibility. You can also use hashtags to find out people who have an interest in your product or service and target them with the right content. It’s best to try using a combination of relevant hashtags and more creative ones like emoji and slogans.

Using this hack, you can easily optimize your captions and can also make your posts more interactive.

Using Reels and Live Videos

Instagram is introducing many new features such as Reels, Live Videos and IGTVs that can help you easily reach out to your customers. Reels are 15-second videos that allow users to post creative clips with music and visuals. Live videos allow you to connect with your customers directly and more engagingly. Your followers can interact with you and ask questions in real time.

IGTVs are a great way to create longer videos where you can show customer reviews, product demonstrations, and detailed tutorials. Using these features can help you create viral content and gain more visibility on Instagram. In the long run, you can use these features to increase your reach and build a better brand presence.

Building An Intriguing Story Series

Storytelling is an important aspect of content marketing. You can easily build an intriguing story series that will keep your followers engaged and wanting more.

Start with creating a story that includes photographs, videos, texts, drawings, stickers and anything else you find interesting. Make sure to include multiple angles, perspectives, and visuals in your story. You can also include audience reactions in the form of polls or surveys to increase engagement.

Seamlessly build different elements and keep adding them on top of your first Story. This way you can easily create a story series that will help your followers get to know more about your brand and product or services.

Using these Instagram hacks, you can make your business stand out in 2023. They will help you gain an edge over the competition and increase customer engagement.

Keep experimenting with new content ideas and strategies. These are simply some of the epic Instagram hacks which you can use in 2023 to upsell your business and make it more appealing.

Good luck!


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