5 Biggest Challenges That You Face When It Comes to Lead Generation

Do you want to build brand awareness and also generate leads for your businesses?

Have you recently launched a startup and are not sure what to do?

If you are living in a competitive industry and want to make a million bucks business, investing in lead generation is the way to go. There are many occasions when businesses suffer when they have a limited budget, limited resources or they lack knowledge especially when it comes to marketing. And therefore, often then not, they find themselves investing their energies in the wrong areas and depleting themselves from unnecessary marketing budgets.

Believe it or not, but many businesses face a number of challenges when it comes to lead generation and in today’s blog, we are going to discuss the 5 biggest ones that many business’s experience.

1) Finding & Forming an Excellent Lead Generation Strategy

An excellent lead generation strategy is what makes a business successful. When coming up with one, it is essential that one should understand where their potential customers are present, what are their common queries and which methods are they using to find the solutions to these problems. Lastly, what you must be struggling with is making sure how you can make your lead generation strategy a successful one.

To ensure your lead generation strategy brings the best results, make sure you research thoroughly and understand the market trends. You must also be aware of your competitors – what are their strategies, how successful they are, before you can create an effective lead generation strategy for yourself.

2) Improving Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the number of people visiting your website or landing page divided by the number of leads obtained. A good conversion rate indicates that you are doing something right, while a lower Conversion Rate means that your lead generation strategy needs to be improved.

To increase the conversion rate, you can consider improving your website design and making sure it is easy for visitors to easily find you and find what they are looking for.

Additionally, having compelling calls-to-action is another table turner for businesses because after all, a well designed web page will not bring results unless it doesn’t have compelling call-to-action buttons or sub statements.

3) Speeding Up Lead Nurturing

If you want to attract leads by spending a minimal budget, then what you need is an inbound strategy to attract customers. According to Hubspot research, companies invest a great deal of their budget in generating blogs that sell. More than 95% of the global audience get enough leads per month just alone with powerful content.

Speeding up the lead nurturing process is an essential part for any business and that’s exactly where most startups often struggle. Many businesses often fall short in acquiring the adequate requirements and resources to nurture leads. And therefore, this has become a significant challenge for businesses to acquire leads which can return massive profit margins.

4) Investing Yourself in Content Marketing

The second most demanding thing on the market is content marketing. Without properly written and well organized content, selling your business can become quite the challenge. This can be especially difficult, if you don’t have a team of writers and designers at your disposal. It is essential that businesses produce quality content that resonates with their target audience, and meet the needs of their markets.

Content marketing plays the central role in making your business grow ten folds. It’s the words which you use that attract the audience and bring them to your doorstep. They should be well researched and written in order to effectively communicate your message.

Promoting content in the right place will create a vibrant community which has many advantages:

  • Instead of passive placement, you can get an active promotion.
  • You can gain access to millions of professionals who are eager to absorb new content.
  • You will come across targeted B2B high tech decision makers who become your ideal customers
  • You get a pay per lead model which gives you guaranteed results.

5) Completely Relying on Referrals

There are thousands of companies out there which completely depend on referral marketing and often then not, avoid investing in PPC marketing or other effective lead generation processes. Although word of mouth marketing is a great way to attract potential buyers to your business doorstep & generate sales, it’s not the most effective form of marketing.

Referral marketing may not guarantee you the most authentic leads and may not turn out to be the most cost-effective marketing strategy in many business scenarios. It is why, it’s highly important that you as a business, must always invest in a proper lead generation campaign.

A well designed, properly written and highly engaging ad leading the customer to a properly structured sales funnel is everything you need to convert buyers into potential customers.

This can only be achieved if you invest your budget in a proper lead generation practice backed by a professional company such as 90 Leads.

Concluding Thoughts

Lead generation plays a central role when it comes to marketing. Many businesses often experience trials; however, in a fast paced world where technology and effective marketing teams are only a phone call away, getting one for your digital business is not a hassle anymore.

We hope this blog has been able to provide you with easy ways to generate leads. If you want to make your lead generation seamless and rewarding, 90 Leads can offer you the best help.

We have a proven track record of developing lead generation strategies which are bound to bring great results for your digital business.


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